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on the right side of the main page, there is a button for KMART, click on that and there is a $5 off $50 purchase good this week only! You have to tell the cashier you have that coupon before they ring you up, so they will know to take your other manufacurer coupons off at the end!!!! This is very important as they are starting to ring the coupons up with the items as they scan, which can cause probs when trying to use the $5 off your original total amount... be cautious and let them know ahead of time that you have this coupon... happy couponing!!!


Ok fellow penny pinchers... Kmart is offering DOUBLE COUPONS this week only!!! Good on any manufacturer coupon with a face value of $2 or less! AND... they are limiting you to 25 "coupon deals" per day!
BE PREPARED!!!! They are watching these coupons like hawks, and there have been several people in there trying to pull fast ones... please be respectful of the store, and appreciative for them offering this in our tiny little town, let's keep up double coupon days by playing by the rules ok, so flip through your books, and see what you have for $2 and under coupons, make a list of your high value coupons, and head to Kmart! Enjoy your shopping, and tell us how it goes!!!


Saturday's meeting at the PSJ library was GRRRRREAT! Ok, so it's not frosted flakes, but we had a great time and met some awesome new couponers!

Here is the info I promised to post for you guys....  

The first link is for SHARE FLORIDA - The produce/meats community grocery initiative I told you about where you can get produce and meats at ridiculously low prices!!! I hope you take advantage of this, and you can see April's menu on their site also... log on!

The second site link is the one we found that generates TARGET store coupons the best, you will scroll down on the main page and see where you can enter how many you want to print, in the box next to each one. Enjoy!!!


Happy Sunday, and Happy Couponing everyone!!!!


Ok, all you mommies out there! Go to and complete a pledge to your kids, and when you are done, they will give you printable gerber coupons! I got the printable $3 off any graduate item, so in most cases, it makes it FREE!!!

woooohoooo we love FREE baby stuff!

Happy couponing


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    These blogs will be coming to you from several of the Money Saving Mommas! We can't wait to share our deals with you! HAPPY COUPONING!


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