Ok, so we hit the stores last night for our weekly "deal" seeking... and WOW. I came home with the entire back of Tuesdae's SUV loaded!!!! I spent a total of about $287ish and only paid about $67 FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!! You can imagine Andrew's reaction when I laid it all out on the counter (as I do every week) and showed him the deals I got... his reaction to me was, "honey... is this really legal?" ha ha ha... Gotta love it! ok it's Wednesday... only one day left to the meeting, and only 4 days left until we get NEW COUPONS... ok, sorry, you just saw my addiction!

Toodles, Amber


OK, Call me crazy but when talking with my best friend Tuesdae last night, we discussed how odd we were, because Sunday's feel like Christmas to us because the new papers come out and we get to see what the new ads are offering and get our new coupons! Oh my goodness, what has this group come to when we are desperately awaiting the sunday paper delivery! If we end up getting up at 3 a.m. to be at the convenience store when the delivery man puts them on the shelf, I am going to ask for professional help and admit my addiction to savings has become BAD! Ha ha ha....

Anyhow, enjoy our blog, we plan to share with you our savings, tips and tricks as we receive them, so you can stay up to the minute on new ideas! Happy couponing... and remember KEEP YOURSELF ORGANIZED to maximize your savings!!!!

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