Ready to learn how to coupon like a pro? Learn the tricks and tips from ladies who have turned couponing into the latest craze, where saving money has become a MUST in everyday life, we are...


Turning your $296 grocery bill into a cool $117 JUST GOT EASIER...

The group of ladies who formed Money Saving Mommas was looking for a way to share the information, tips, tricks, secrets, and talents they have learned with other women and families, and so the Money Saving Mommas group was formed. The very first meeting was held at Amber Whitaker's home, where a small group of 9 women sat in amazement as they watched the idea of couponing like a pro come to life! It all started when Amber's Mom showed her the idea of a coupon binder. How organizing this amazing book could help you save hundreds on your weekly shopping trips. Amber reluctantly took Angie's advice, and started her own book, but didn't want to get serious about it until Angie called her one night and said I just went to the local drugstore and my bill was over $67, but I didn't pay for any of it... they actually paid me to leave! ... I bet you are thinking what I was thinking... Now how in the world would you be able to walk out of a store with $67 worth of merchandise, get paid to leave, and this possibly be legal... WELL, IT IS!!!!! And we want to show you how to maximize your family's savings!

You can join us at our next FREE meeting, or contact me today for more information on how you can get started and become a Money Saving Momma!

FOR THOSE READY TO GO MOMMAS & POPPAS WHO DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS ON THEIR OWN OR SPEND TIME GETTING STARTED... NO WORRIES...We will come to you and provide a one hour personal instruction class with all the information you need, and a Top Notch coupon binder that is packed with all your tools to get started, organized by grocery isles, and is packed with over $200 in valuable coupons! This is called our DO IT FOR ME Offer... and we are charging $75 to cover travel, materials, and an hour of personal instruction! Call us today if you need that one on one help or motivation!

To schedule a one on one class, please contact Amber at 321-264-2624