The key to savings... THE COUPON ORGANIZER BOOK

You simply cannot coupon like a pro without this tool. Whether you create your book yourself, or buy one of our allready made books, it is a must have if you want to save the most. Why you might ask... because picture yourself going into the store with your normal coupon organizer or envelope full of newly clipped coupons... you become frustrated from thumbing through them, dropping them, and then end up forgetting half of what you had! Not to mention you were not prepared to get the best savings from the store offers, and current deals. With the Organizer Book, you are completely organized aisle by aisle, store by store, ad by ad. Not to mention you have all the tools you need right there are your fingertips such as scissors for last minute clippings, ads, sanitizer for those oh-so-yucky carts, and a calculator for those of you who want to know your savings to the penny!

So take our advice, and get organized TODAY... Use your COUPON ORGANIZER BOOK and let us know how it went the first time you took your new friend to the store with you!!!! WE WANT YOUR SUCCESS STORIES!!!!

DON'T WANT TO DO THIS YOURSELF? WE HAVE THE BOOKS ALLREADY MADE! COST IS ONLY $40 And we normally have the books available at our meetings, don't wanna wait?... JUST EMAIL US AT WITH THE TITLE:  COUPON BOOK  And we will get you all set to maximize your savings!

Our books include: 3 ring cloth zippable binder with lots of storage pockets!, alligator clip for keeping coupons together at checkout, 10 page seperators for aisle or department division, clear coupon holder pages (so you can see what you have to work with), pouch with all your tools; scissors, hand sanitizer, note pad, pen, and calculator, and TOTALLY PACKED WITH COUPONS, ALLREADY PRINTED, CUT, AND ORGANIZED FOR YOU TO START SAVING RIGHT AWAY!!!! We take the guess work out of how to do this!