Current HOT TIPS & Awesome Buys!

KIDS... GOTTA LOVE EM' ... But should I take them with me?     WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE LEAVE THE KIDS WITH ANOTHER PARENT OR SITTER FOR THE MEETING, As for shopping trips....Well, we like to let you make your own decision on this as a parent, however there are some of us that find it is best to leave your children with another parent or loved one while you focus on your savings. If you do not think clearly, you could miss out on a bargain! Give it some thought... but we understand for those of you who must bring the kiddo's along.


HUGGIES ROCKIN' $5.00 OFF ANY PRODUCT COUPON has a $5.00 off any HUGGIES Gentle Care PRODUCT of your choice. You CAN use this coupon on any huggies product we have found!!! This means, you can get diapers for as cheap as $5 a pack, and big wipe refills for as little as $1 a pack! WOW, what a savings!!!



If you have pets, or if you are like us and love to donate to your local animal shelter... you can visit and answer some questions, then they will give you a $3.50 printable coupon good towards ANY PURINA PURCHASE!!!! wooo hooo, we are talking almost FREE small bags of dog or cat food, and if you buy the dog food in six packs, you can get them almost free too!!!! Awesome deal!!!



Go to and register, they will send you a coupon in the mail for an absolutely FREE 2 liter!


AVEENO, oooh ahhh $2.00 savings!!!!

I just love this one! go to and register, they will give you a $2.00 printable coupon towards any aveeno product, then watch the sales, Recently their baby bath was only $2.97 in most stores, which means I got this amazing product for only $.97 YOU KNOW I STOCKED UP.... ENJOY!