OK, so there is a fabulous coupon out that only lasts until the first week of April... for $5 off HUGGIES brand PRODUCTS... then CVS put on an awesome sale where they gave you $10 back for every $30 you spent, after all was said and done, I ended up paying less than $2 for each JUMBO pack of diapers ( this is only one side of the closet by the way, we are set)

Did I shave my legs for THIS....

Girls, when you watch the coupons, and the store coupons, and the sales... you get this stuff for FREE if not real close to it!!! I paid less than $1.00 each for every item you see here! How? Using store and manufacturer coupons for most items, making them .99 cents or less, and the shaving cream was on clearane, add coupons, TA DA... it was only .30 cents!!!


The bare necessities, the simple bare necessities...

Ok, here we ago again deal seekers... THIS WAS ALL FREE!!!! And, I have a closet full of "allready put away" items just like this! How in the world was it free? WELL, Johnsons brand products has a coupon for $3 off 3 items... so when you get the .97 centers, their FREE... in fact they pay you to take them, The Gilette washes were on sale for $2 and guess who had a coupon for $2 off each? The toothpaste, sale + coupon... FREE, the shampoo Garnier had a coupon, so did Walgreens... AGAIN, FREEEEEEE!!!! I love this kind of bargain shopping!!!


No excuses for a DIRTY BABY!

Check out the AVEENO BABY WASH stock pile!!! Ok, so this stuff smells truly amazing, Target had the sets on sale for $2.98, and with my $2 off each coupon... I paid less than $1 each, for a product that normally retails around $5 ... When Masen STILL smells baby sweet at the ripe age of 29 I'm sure his wife will understand his momma got a good deal!


Splish Splash, he'll be taking a bath, up until he's... 29

Ok, as if I didn't have enough bath stuff for Masen... The Johson's Bath Buddies bar soaps... FREE. Every single one of them FREE!!!! Johnson's $1 off coupons actually pay you .03 cents to take these when they are only .97 in the store!!!! Gotta love it! So what he'll be the only senior at AHS that still smells like watermelon...